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Satellite Broadband Solutions

Reconnection of Disconnected sites
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Star 7000 Broadband solution
Bentley Walker and HNS are please to announce the release of the Star 7000 satellite modem.
The Star 7000 is a high performance broadband satellite router designed to provide high- speed access for the small office and enterprise markets. Designed to provide both versatility and performance, the Star 7000 provides unsurpassed performance for even the most bandwidth intensive applications

Broadband Internet, almost anywhere
Being outside the ADSL service area is no longer a barrier to receiving fast broadband internet access. Thanks to the high-speed 2 way satellite broadband services offered by Bentley Telecom, connection speeds of up to 2 Mb/s (4 times faster than most ADSL connections, and 40 times faster than a modem) are available even where a telephone line isn't.

Low Cost, High Speed Broadband Connectivity
Connect to the Internet via our satellite and you will never look back. With up to 2mb satellite connection, web pages, programs and multimedia will download to your computer in a fraction of the time taken by modems and even ISDN connections. Bentley Walker provide the first of a new generation of low cost, high speed, reliable connections to the Internet straight to your PC without the need for, or delays of, telephone lines, leased lines, and ISDN connections.


Actius Internet and VoIP product News: Our internet and VoIP products are: •GlobalCharge - integrated billing for web content •DieSeL Telecom - ready-to-deploy residential VoIP •UK DDIs - UK geographic numbers in every area code for ITSPs, with 999, DQ and number portability •Dedicated servers - Linux, FreeBSD and Linux servers on our backbone from £49.99 per month •IP Transit - available in Redbus or Telehouse for £30.00 per MBit per month •Colocation - colocate equipment with us - POA •GeoISP - dial-up ISP

Mobile: Actius has extensive experience of developing applications and solutions for mobile users. We have premium shortcodes in the UK and a variety of other countries, WAP site facilities and significant Java development experience.
Coulomb's mobile services include: •WAP sites - our WAP site builder incorporates flexible billing and dynamic content repurposing
•Site subscriptions - using premium SMS to bill for web site subscriptions
•Video on demand - DVD-quality films on a broadband connection billed by SMS
•SMS callback - low cost international mobile calls initiated by SMS
•3G video services - build flexible 3G video services using our video response platform