Telecommunications Industry News 2015


Momentum Building Behind Telecommunications Sector

Following on from last week's PR Week article , highlighting taking the lead in good recruiting practice, the issue is beginning to build momentum.

Leading the Way in Good Resourcing Practice

As revealed this week, in leading industry publication PR Week (17/03/06), Group CEO is leading calls for a Code of Practice to regulate the PR recruitment industry.

Telecoms New Agents

Xchangeteam Group is the fastest growing UK communications industries people resourcing company in marketing and creative services and is seeking bright, professional people to join its team of resourcing agents.

2015 has a Spring in its step!

After a strong start to 2015 , February and early March have seen the market keep up a healthy pace.

Freelance Book on Communications

Ever wondered how to get the most of your freelance work force? Industry connected kingdom professionals have come together to help produce a guide.

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Our fixed-line telecoms network is built on two Telsis Ocean 64-port switches. These are driven from our own IN platform and connected to a number of carriers, including BT, Verizon, Gamma, Telia, Band-X and Telecom One.

We offer the following telecoms services:

Will I need a large dish?
The size of dish required is dependant on your location within the satellite footprint (see What areas are covered?). The closer you are to the centre of a the footprint, the small the dish.

Can I use my existing satellite TV dish?
Satellite TV systems are one way, which means that they simply receive a signal. Our systems are a two way product that both receive a signal and send one back to the satellite. This means tha the type of dish is different to that used for receiving satellite TV.

Will I need special software?
Only the Star Duo requires a windows based software to run on the host PC. This is provided as part of your installation package.

Actius Internet and VoIP product News: Our internet and VoIP products are: •GlobalCharge - integrated billing for web content •DieSeL Telecom - ready-to-deploy residential VoIP •UK DDIs - UK geographic numbers in every area code for ITSPs, with 999, DQ and number portability •Dedicated servers - Linux, FreeBSD and Linux servers on our backbone from £49.99 per month •IP Transit - available in Redbus or Telehouse for £30.00 per MBit per month •Colocation - colocate equipment with us - POA •GeoISP - dial-up ISP

Mobile: Actius has extensive experience of developing applications and solutions for mobile users. We have premium shortcodes in the UK and a variety of other countries, WAP site facilities and significant Java development experience.
Coulomb's mobile services include: •WAP sites - our WAP site builder incorporates flexible billing and dynamic content repurposing
•Site subscriptions - using premium SMS to bill for web site subscriptions
•Video on demand - DVD-quality films on a broadband connection billed by SMS
•SMS callback - low cost international mobile calls initiated by SMS
•3G video services - build flexible 3G video services using our video response platform